Sen. Nancy Barto is the State Senator for our district. The follwing is legislation currently in the works that affects HOAs: (text from Sen. Barto’s email updates).

  • Last week I learned HB 2371 – an HOA “omnibus” bill that has already passed the House – includes a provision that ought to ensure its demise if not amended.  The provision enables an HOA’s property management company to represent them in small claims court, turning what ought to be a level playing field into a VERY uneven one as homeowners have no right to legal counsel in the same venue!   See CBS-5 coverage or read this article by George Staropoli  about the bill – then contact your Legislators and let them know your concerns.  HOAs don’t need legislative protection in court disputes –  homeowners do.
  • Meanwhile, SB 1278 – my HOA roadway bill clarifying rightful authority over public streets within HOA communities – has not been scheduled for a RULES agenda in the House.  The bill passed the Senate 22-7 and has faced little opposition this time around as it only affects new HOA communities beginning in 2015.  The thinking here is it is better to fix this problem going forward than NOT to fix it at all!  Read more about SB 1278 and other 2013 Barto bills on my Legislation page.
  • For more news coverage of my legislation see Nancy in the News. –
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Last Modified: February 5, 2017