Hello – this month all the streets in the community will be repaired, crack sealed and re-coated.
Here is the work schedule:
MONDAY AUG 15 – Prep and install speed humps
TUESDAY AUG 16 –  Crack fill
WEDNESDAY AUG 17 – Seal Coat first phase
THURSDAY AUG 18 – Restripe first phase
FRIDAY AUG 19 – Seal Coat second phase
SATURDAY AUG 20 – Restripe second phase.
The streets being worked on will be marked and done in such a way as to  obstruct traffic as little as possible. However PLEASE make sure  you do not to drive or park on the freshly coated surfaces – not only will this undo the work just done, it will make a mess of your car and driveway.

Thank you!

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Last Modified: August 5, 2016