PawWalk in the community.

Here is a great opportunity to give your pets some wonderful exercise and attention as well as supporting a new and local business.
Isabella lives on Friess Drive and is “Open For Business”! Please consider her services first. Starting any new venture, as most of us know, is not as easy as it may seem.
Please see the attached: PawWalk

Update Board Meeting of April 12 2013

Thank you to all who atteneded the April 12 2013 Board meeting. The board business was accomplished in a just over 17 minutes leaving ample time for all to discuss issues and topics of interest. The agenda is posted in the DOCUMENTS section (login required) and the minutes will be posted after they are approved at the next meeting.
As many of you may know Maura Shaffer resigned from the board. On April 12th Lynne Weaver was nominted to fill the position and appoved by a vote of the board. (The quorum was THREE current directors (President, Vice President and Treasurer/Secretary. The fourth member was not present). Lynne will serve for the remainder of Maura’s term.

WELCOME to the new PSMHOA Online site

This site is the RESOURCE for all homeowners – in the UPDATE section you will see all current information, news and updates, Association posts as well as HO posts. If you want to send a message to all homeowners, it should be posted here (ideas, suggestions, cooking, sport, gardening – anything of general interest).

In the DOWNLOAD DOCS/PRIVATE section you can log in an access ALL the relevant information regarding the community.