Hi Neighbors,

I would like to share this story and pertinent information with all of you.
Two weeks ago our relatives living in Surprise had their home broken into while they were out of town for the weekend. The criminals got in thru the LOCKED garage door and then thru the LOCKED door in the garage leading into the house.
After the police investigation they were told that the 2013 thieves are equipped with a new device which is called a garage door SLIM-JIM. It is similar to the SLIM-JIM used to break into your cars. It is inserted between the window and the outer door edge of your car to pull up the door lock for entry.
The garage door SLIM-JIM is inserted under a closed/locked garage door to grab the emergency release cord that hangs down to disengage your garage door from its motor-allowing it to lift up for entry.
POLICE SUGGEST: When leaving your house, put a metal rod, screwdriver, or other metal device into the roller wheel channel when the door is down and closed/locked. At this point it cannot be lifted from the outside.
Be safe and secure.
From your neighbor,
Vic Sibilla

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Last Modified: February 5, 2017