Articles for August 2016


Hello – please click on the link below to see what sides of the streets are being seal coated – your driveways WILL be blocked while the seal coat is being applied so please make the necessary arrangements to leave your car(s) on the other side of the street.
If you cannot download the attached PDF, please email


Rain, more rain and debris

The last storm did a number on our roads…Much of the larger rocks were held back but a large portion of the debris is also front landscaping gravel. Please do what is needed to prevent your landscaping being washed away and the cost incurred each time for cleanup.
As you may have also noticed, the City has not cleaned the streets – this is because there is a large storm predicted for Wednesday – after that, the weather should be back to normal and all the streetsrain will be cleared.

Street repairs and coating.

Hello – this month all the streets in the community will be repaired, crack sealed and re-coated.
Here is the work schedule:
MONDAY AUG 15 – Prep and install speed humps
TUESDAY AUG 16 –  Crack fill
WEDNESDAY AUG 17 – Seal Coat first phase
THURSDAY AUG 18 – Restripe first phase
FRIDAY AUG 19 – Seal Coat second phase
SATURDAY AUG 20 – Restripe second phase.
The streets being worked on will be marked and done in such a way as to  obstruct traffic as little as possible. However PLEASE make sure  you do not to drive or park on the freshly coated surfaces – not only will this undo the work just done, it will make a mess of your car and driveway.

Thank you!